Mary Tedesco


Mary Tedesco

Is an artist from Bethel, Connecticut. She has a passion for several methods of creating art, including traditional and digital illustration, painting, and mixed media. She is a student at Western Connecticut State University, majoring in illustration and minoring in biology, and is expected to graduate December 2021. She currently works at A&F Gallery in Newtown, Connecticut as a picture framer.

While fine art and biology are two different fields, Mary has an interest in both of them. She enjoys a good research session, applies knowledge of biology into her artwork, and creates representational and abstract works of art.

Mary displays a range of illustrative and painterly techniques, and can represent silly, fantastical and realistic subject matter in her works. She is proficient in observational drawing and can create accurate representations of life. 

As humanity's understanding of scientific knowledge will always be evolving, biology provides Mary with endless learning opportunities, and she is extremely interested in absorbing new information and depicting biological mechanisms. 





Nature The In Art Gallery

May 5th - June 5th 2021

Senior Portfolio Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, CT

May 1st - May 30th 2021

Counter Narrative A&F Gallery, Danbury, CT

March 17th - April 28th 2018

Polenta man,

near and dear to Mary's heart.